Quote Coloring Pages (Adult Coloring With An Exciting Twist)

Inside: 30+ free and beautiful quote coloring pages!

quote coloring pages

This is why I enjoy quote coloring pages above all: they are almost like a guided meditation. Not only I get to relax with coloring, they also give me a chance to focus on wise words and ideas that speak to me.

If you have fallen for adult coloring and can’t get enough of this creative hobby then you’re at the right place. Look around and discover beautiful adult quote coloring pages with quotes to inspire your life’s journey.

And a bonus is that they are all FREE!

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Adult coloring: why bother?

Adult coloring has become a favorite hobby for many adults. And rightfully so. Many researchers and art therapist agree on the various benefits coloring has.

What are they?

From fighting anxiety to reducing stress, benefits of adult coloring can go a long way. It feels therapeutical and calming. Coloring can also strengthen our focus and help us to clean up the mental clutter we carry around all day long.

And compared to many other stress-relief activities, it is also extremely affordable! You can buy a good quote coloring book for less than $10 or find hundreds of free resources on pages like mine. Throw in some nice pencils or markers and you are all set.

“All is well” Anti-stress coloring pageanti stress coloring pages

“Progress is progress, no matter how small” QUOTE coloring page

inspirational coloring pages

“God is within her, she will not fall” Scripture coloring page

Bible verse coloring pages

Love quote coloring page

Love quote coloring pages

“Great things never come from comfort zones” QUOTE coloring page

inspirational coloring pagesLooking for more coloring? Here is a directory to all of my mandala coloring pages

Adult coloring tips if you are only starting out

There are many ways to make your coloring experience pleasant and frustration free. Here are several useful tips:

Choose the right paper

When printing your own quote coloring pages, make sure to use high-quality, cardstock paper. This step is especially crucial if you choose to color with markers. They will bleed heavily through regular paper.

Pencils or markers? Which ones to use?

Over time, I have accumulated several different sets of both, markers and pencils. For more detailed quote coloring pages pencils work usually better. But for coloring pages with bigger designs, such as quotes and letters, markers are a good option.

I used markers for all my quote coloring pages. The reason is that I like to frame some of them for inspiration in my office. And using markers makes the quotes easily readable and bright.

How to combine colors to avoid messy results

Choosing the right color combination can be tricky at times. For some of us, matching and blending colors doesn’t necessarily come naturally. The good news is that the more practice you get the better you become. Just like with anything else.

This is a great article that explains the color theory in graphic design and the information is definitely applicable in coloring and painting as well.

My rule of thumb is to stick with four to five colors. I also tend to choose colors on the same side of the color spectrum.

What does that mean?

When looking at any of my colored pages you are very likely to find some shade of purple, blue and pink. If I feel like adding a contrasting color, I usually only choose only one. Yellow or green, for instance.

But feel free to experiment and think out of the box! Especially if you use my free downloads, then you can print as many quote coloring pages as you want until you reach the result you like.

“Be still” relaxing QUOTE coloring page

anti stress coloring pages

“For God, nothing shall be impossible” Bible verse coloring page

Bible verse coloring pages

Inspiring floral QUOTE coloring page

inspirational coloring pages

“Thank you” QUOTE coloring page

thank you coloring page

Patience is the key

In my opinion, coloring is a great way to practice patience. Especially for someone like me. Because I like to see progress and results fast. But with some more complicated designs, this usually backfires.

So don’t rush the process even if this means you can’t finish the coloring page in one sitting. After all, coloring is supposed to be relaxing and not stressful!

Adult coloring pages with quotes

The whole list of 30+ quote coloring pages full of inspiring thoughts

If you haven’t checked out my quote coloring pages before, here is a whole list of them for an easy access.

Take a look at all or some of them and choose the ones that fit your needs at the moment. All are easy and free to download, no sign-up required!