Fall coloring pages for kids

Inside: A set of fall coloring pages for kids and moms, too!

Fall is right around the corner folks! And like every year, I am getting quite excited about the change.

Even though we don’t necessarily get the “real deal” here in Southern California. But we make sure to take trips every year to the nearby mountain towns to experience the true chill and cold weather.

When I was a child, Fall always carried a sort of expectation in the air. It was the season before the snow came (which I still love dearly).

fall coloring pages

It is the season of colors, of sipping hot tea after playing outside, puddles and rain. The time of cozy sweaters and scarfs to fight away the chilly air.

You see, little children don’t see the problems with seasons. They don’t see a pile of leaves as work that needs to be done or how all that rain makes driving home from work more difficult.

So why not to keep it that way?

Let’s encourage our kids to embrace the beauty Fall brings.

Let’s show them what every season has to offer so they can have something wonderful to remember when they are grown.

Check out my latest Fall coloring pages here!

Fall coloring pages PDF

Like with every season, there are many symbols and traditions that represent them.

Kids learn about them in many different ways. Through social studies, science, even worksheets for English and Math. Which reminds me…

Make sure to download my free kindergarten fall worksheets I posted earlier this week! And if you are in need of some preschool material, check out these preschool printable activities as well.

My today’s Fall themed printables are Fall coloring pages for young children.

I included a mixture of Fall’s typical symbols like pumpkins or kites. My aim was to keep them as simple and neat as possible.

I really hope your kids (and you!) will enjoy them.

To download your Fall coloring pages files, simply click on the link at the very bottom.

And please, if you enjoy these, make sure to share them on Pinterest and with your friends. Thank you all!

Fall coloring pages

Fall coloring pages

Fall leaves coloring page

fall coloring pages

Kites coloring page

fall coloring pages

Pumpkins coloring page

fall coloring pages

Rainy day coloring page

fall coloring pages

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