Counting to Ten: Picture Puzzles Your Kids Will Love This Fall

Number order puzzles free printablesIs your little one working on number recognition or sequencing?

Then I have a quick and fun game for you. Fall number order puzzles for learning to count to ten.

Let me show you how they work. 


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Fall number order puzzles free printable

You see, my boys have been crazy about puzzles these past few weeks. Not only the wooden toddler puzzles but actual puzzles.

Which makes me pretty happy, of course. Puzzles are an amazing tool not only for refining fine motor skills but for cognitive development as well. They promote problem-solving, critical thinking and even memory.

Through different puzzles, children learn about different topics such as animals, community helpers, seasons, etc.

With this in mind and because Fall is rapidly approaching, I’ve created five different number order puzzles with three levels of difficulty. All of them are Fall-related. Which allows us to not only focus on solving puzzles but also to have a conversation about the season.

Number order puzzles free printables

From toddlers to preschoolers

For the youngest learners, the images are cut in half. They need to find the right orientation and match two pieces together. My nearly two-year-olds have mastered these almost immediately.

To make things more challenging, other options contain five and ten pieces that preschoolers should be able to solve.

On top of that, the puzzle pieces are ordered by numbers.

This way, children learn number order through solving a puzzle and building a picture. They also get to practice number recognition.

How the puzzles work

First, print out your free number order puzzles preferably on cardstock paper.

Number order puzzles free printables

I like to laminate them with a simple contact paper for durability. Then I cut them into pieces.

Number order puzzles free printables

And that’s it! Ready to play.

Fall number order puzzles free download

To download your .pdf file, click on the image below. You’ll receive all five designs in three different versions. Simply print out the ones you like and skip the rest.

And make sure to come back for more toddler/preschool activities printables!

Number order puzzles free printables

Number order puzzles free printables


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