Jack-O-Lantern “I Spy” Printable Game For Some Silly Halloween Fun

I spy printable worksheetsToday I am happy to add another printable game for your children – Halloween I Spy. There are many I Spy printable worksheets available these days. But my main goal was to focus on the season and to help children pass time until Halloween. If you have a long car trip ahead of you or your child simply needs something to do during a rainy day, then it’s meant just for you! 

The stores are already packed with Halloween candy and merchandise. We actually walked by a Halloween section in our grocery store today. And even though our boys have no clue what it all means just yet, their squeals and giggles were plain adorable. They loved all the silly decorations and friendly monsters. Luckily they don’t know what candy is for now! Otherwise, leaving it all behind wouldn’t be as easy.

Why I Spy games?

I Spy games for kids are beneficial in several ways. They help to develop focused attention, visual tracking, and discrimination. On top of that, when played together with adults or other children, they promote language development.


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It’s different than other I Spy printable worksheets

I had a slightly different idea for an I Spy game this time.

Instead of counting the amount of the same objects, there are only two of the same kind. And the goal of the game is to find the two!

This I Spy game is full of Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns, but only two are truly identical.

I had a lot of fun making up all the goofy faces. And I hope your kids will find them funny and silly as well!

To download, simply click on the image below. Then save or print the pdf.


I spy printable worksheets

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