Cute Alphabet Worksheets for Preschool or Kindergarten

alphabet worksheetsFor the past couple of days, I’ve had a lot of fun working on these printable alphabet worksheets. You may use them in the classroom or for some learning fun at home.

From tracing letters to matching upper and lowercase letters worksheets, they are all included in only one bundle.

My hopes are that these printables will make learning the alphabet enjoyable and fun for your child.  


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Alphabet worksheets for learning letter recognition

This set of alphabet worksheets consists of three different activities.

I tried really hard to keep them as playful as possible to keep your child’s attention.

Let’s look at each individually now.

alphabet worksheets

Tracing Letters With the Alphabet Train

The first set of these alphabet worksheets is what I call the Alphabet Train.

There are the engine and 26 cars representing each letter of the alphabet.

Your child gets to trace the upper and lowercase letters at the same time. This helps to build a solid foundation for letter recognition.

It is just like when they read books. The sentences start with uppercase letters and the rest of them continue with the “baby letters”. Children should learn to recognize these simultaneously.

Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters Worksheets

The second activity is split into four pages of matching upper and lowercase letters.

I divided the alphabet letters into groups based on similarities. Letters that look alike the most are put on the same page.

This is not to confuse your child, however, but rather to challenge and teach the differences between the letters of the alphabet.

Most importantly, these matching upper and lowercase letters worksheets are really fun. I mean what child doesn’t love blowing bubbles, right?

Letter Recognition Worksheets

The last set of my alphabet worksheets contains real words in upper and lowercase letters.

The goal is to match them correctly.

And don’t worry if your child can’t read the words just yet. They are only there to remind her the whole purpose of letters – that grouping them helps to create actual words.

alphabet worksheets

In Color or B&W

I am very much aware of the tight budget many schools have to operate on. Printing out worksheets in color is often an overpriced luxury.

For this reason, I made the worksheets available in color or black & white only.

It’s up to you to choose.

Another perk of the b&w version, besides saving you $$ on ink, is that the children can color the worksheets to their liking. It can be a great reward after finishing the task.

So let’s get to them.

Alphabet worksheets for download

All of these alphabet worksheets are free to download. However, they are for personal use only. Meaning you can use them at home, in the classroom or any educational program. But any altering, resale or further distribution is not allowed.

To download, simply click on the images below.

Tracing Letters Alphabet Train

alphabet worksheets


Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters Worksheets

alphabet worksheets


Letter Recognition Worksheets

alphabet worksheets

I really hope these free printable alphabet worksheets will find you well. If you like them, please make sure to share them with your friends on Pinterst or Facebook.