Snowman coloring pages

If your kids love winter and snow, then they’ll enjoy these simple snowman coloring pages.

When it’s too cold to play outside or during busy pre-Christmas nights, print these out and keep them busy for a while. Nothing beats good old-fashioned coloring, not even coloring iPad apps!

snowman coloring pages

Snowman coloring pages free download

To download your free coloring pages, simply click on the image below.

You will get a .pdf file. Then just print and you are all set.

I hope your kiddos will enjoy these!
snowman coloring pages

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snowman coloring pages

4 thoughts on “Snowman coloring pages”

  1. Hi Kristina,
    I was so excited when I stumbled upon your learning resources for kids. I have 3, 4 yr olds(soon to be five) and I enjoy keeping them busy with activities which help them improve their motor skills and reinforce things they learn at school.
    Thank you for doing this.

  2. Thank you for stopping by. My 4 year olds ask me on daily basis now to do an activity with them. They probably got used to all the worksheets and printables 🙂 I am glad you find them useful.

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