Summer Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten

Get a set of ten free summer worksheets pdf for preschool and kindergarten!

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching.

So wheater you’re looking for summer-themed worksheets for your class or for some fun activities for your kids to do during summer, my summer worksheets set is the right choice!

summer worksheets pdf

Avoid the summer learning loss

A summer learning loss is an unwanted side effect of the long summer break. Some children are especially vulnerable and tend to lose about a month worth of learning and knowledge during summer months.

To prevent this from happening, parents can gently encourage activities such as summer reading and simple math.

And using my free printable set of kindergarten worksheets is a great way to do just that. Learn while having fun!

Summer worksheets pdf

Here are my free worksheets for preschool and kindergarten. Ten free printables just for you.

I included a mixture of easier and more difficult worksheets to use depending on your child’s abilities.

Feel free to use them:

  1. in the classroom
  2. at home during long summer days
  3. on a road trip or a lengthy plane ride
  4. at a summer camp and more!

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summer worksheets pdf printable

Your child will strengthen these skills:

  • pattern making
  • tracing, writing and reading summer words
  • counting
  • problem-solving
  • summer word search
  • cutting skills
  • number order

On top of that, almost all the pages are open to coloring.

To download the summer worksheets pdf files simply click on the download link at the very bottom of this post. 


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summer worksheets kindergarten

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Summer words tracing

summer worksheets kindergarten

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Counting worksheets

summer worksheets kindergarten

Summer word search

summer worksheets kindergarten

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Number order & coloring

summer worksheets kindergarten

And to help you out a little bit more, I put together this quick list of other places to find fun and free summer worksheets.

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  1. Love these sheets.. They are so helpful to keep my son occupied during the holidays.. Thank you 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for all of these worksheets. This Nana is homeschooling a K-5 grandson. Your worksheets are an invaluable tool to add to his daily work!

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