One bowl, two fish number bonds. Dr. Seuss inspired worksheets

In this article: Fun Dr. Seuss inspired number bonds worksheets!

In this set of Dr. Seuss inspired printable worksheets, your kindergarteners will practice decomposing numbers 5 and 10 in different ways. This coloring activity will help them better visualize the numbers.

Then they get to solve simple addition problems by using number pairs also known as number bonds.

One fish two fish - Fun Dr. Seuss math activities for kindergarten. Free printable number bonds and decomposing numbers to 10. #kindergarten #drseuss #worksheets

One bowl, two fish number bonds

This activity contains a total of five pages.

First children can practice decomposition of numbers 5 and 10.

By coloring the row of fish in different ways, they’ll become more familiar with how the numbers are built.

Then they will solve the given number bonds by filling in the missing numbers.

This is a fun math activity to accompany learning during the popular Dr. Seuss week. I hope your kids will enjoy it.

To download, simply click on the download link at the very bottom. Then save or print right away.


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One fish two fish - Fun Dr. Seuss math activities for kindergarten. Free printable number bonds and decomposing numbers to 10. #kindergarten #drseuss #worksheets
Dr. Seuss worksheets

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Decomposing number 5

Dr. Seuss worksheets

Decomposing number 10

Print this page twice in order to cover all the different ways to decompose number ten.

Dr. Seuss worksheets

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Please, remember these printable number bonds worksheets are for classroom or personal use only. Any redistribution or altering is not allowed without written permission first. Thank you!

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  1. Kristina – generous lady! Thank you for these excellent, free kindergarten math practice sheets! I’m an old homeschool mom/grandma. All I learned from educating two special-needs kids, I’m now using for special-needs refugee children. I love FREE. Blessings on you! I’m sure you know your name means “follower of Christ/Christ-bearer.”

  2. Cherry! Thank you for your kind words. I am happy you find my worksheets helpful. Bless you for your work with children. I am always making new printables so feel free to use anything you need!

  3. Kristina, Thank you so much for these wonderful worksheets! I click on every ad that is on your site’s pages hoping it makes some money for you! And I will spread the word about your amazing resources with my friends. Thanks again and may Heavenly Father bless you and your loved ones with peace and happiness!

  4. Oh, you are so kind, Becky! Thank you for visiting my site and spreading the word. I am grateful for every new visitor. God bless you!

  5. Thank you for all these wonderful resources. Having 5 children under seven switch to homeschooling during these challenging times in the world has been tough. Your wonderful worksheets are a HUGE help and I really appreciate it! 🙂

  6. I’m only a teacher assistant working with diverse learners, trying to keep these students working on the assignments given to class but with a simply, easy way for these student to comprehend the work given. Thanks

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