Kindergarten math word problems: addition and subtraction up to 10

In this article: Addition and subtraction word problems for kindergarten.

Today I put together this set of kindergarten math word problems for kids to practice addition and subtraction.

So feel free to add these simple word problems to your math curriculum. They are perfect for the end of the year review or even for some extra summer practice.

kindergarten math word problems worksheets

Math word problems for kindergarten and first grade

The activities focus on addition and subtraction to/from ten.

There is a total of ten pages included in the printable pdf. Five of them are addition math problems and the rest are subtraction word problems.

Children can use three different ways to figure out and solve the equation.

They can draw a picture to show their thinking, use a number line or a ten frame.

Feel free to use them in your classroom or at home.

To download, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the download button.


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kindergarten math word problems worksheets

Kindergarten word problems PDF

Here is a sneak peek into the pdf file. You’ll find one math problem per page so you can easily use these for homework for your students as well.

kindergarten word problems

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kindergarten word problems

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Please, remember these printable kindergarten math worksheets are for classroom or personal use only. Any re-distribution or altering are not allowed without written permission first. Thank you!

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  2. Hi, the link is usually at the very bottom of my articles, right above the comments section. I sent you an email with a copy of the PDF, however, so you can use the worksheets right away. Hope this helps!

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