Football teen numbers and ten frames

In this article: Fun football-themed teen numbers and ten frame worksheets for kindergarten!

These football-themed worksheets are definitely a good addition to your kindergarten math year-round. Not only during the Big Game season!

Children will practice their teen numbers together with ten frames. A strong combination for increasing their number sense.

Fun teen numbers worksheets with footballs and ten frames

Football teen numbers and ten frames worksheets

Teaching teen numbers in kindergarten can get tricky. Therefore using ten frames is always a good idea.

Ten frames help children visualize their numbers. They also learn to start counting from 10 instead of always starting with number one.

If your child is currently learning teen numbers, then my free printable worksheets will definitely help reinforce her knowledge.

That’s why I like worksheets so much. They provide so much-needed practice for topics that might be difficult at first. But the more opportunities children have to practice, the better they get.

Football Ten Frames Printable

There is a total of six pages included in this ten frames pack. The first set of worksheets has children read the numbers 11-20 and mark the amount in ten frames.

I also included the number 20, even though it is not technically a “teen” number.

The next set of activity sheets works the other way around.

Children have to “read” the ten frames and then cut and paste the correct numbers. This way children will exercise their¬†fine motor skills as well!

Feel free to laminate these and use them multiple times. Or simply print and have a ready-to-go number activity in seconds.

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To download, just click on the download link at the end of this post.


Fun teen numbers worksheets for kindergarten. Ten frames and teen numbers in one activity! Perfect for kindergarten math centers. #kindergarten #math

Teen Numbers Worksheets PDF

Take a look at the worksheets below to get an idea what’s included in this printable PDF set.

Please, keep in mind that these free printable ten frame activities for kindergarten are for classroom or personal use only. Any altering or re-distribution are not allowed without written permission first. Thank you!

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