Smoothie shop graphing activity

Fun printable worksheets to practice reading graphs, writing and counting.

Children will practice multiple skills with these fun smoothie shop worksheets!

From making a graph to writing and counting, they will enjoy this simple yet fun activity.

Smoothie shop graphing activity

Smoothie shop graphing worksheets

You’ll find two printable pages in this set of worksheets. Each page includes three tasks for your child.

First, children will need to color the graph according to the given numbers.

Then, to practice handwriting, they can come up with their own fun name for the smoothie. They will write that down.

If they need help with spelling, make sure to guide them!

Lastly, kids will look back at the graph and write down the correct amounts of fruit they used. This will strengthen their understanding of how the graph works and how we read them.

You’ll find this fun summer printable pdf at the bottom of this article.

Feel free to use these graphing worksheets in your classroom or at home.


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Smoothie shop graphing activity

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Smoothie shop graphing activity

Please, remember these printable graphing worksheets are for classroom or personal use only. Any redistribution or altering is not allowed without written permission first. Thank you!

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