Kindergarten teen numbers

Free printable worksheets to practice teen numbers in kindergarten.

Help your kindergartener with the understanding of how teen numbers are made with these free printable set of worksheets.

They can work on a few numbers at a time or tackle the whole set during one math session.

Kindergarten teen numbers practice sheets

Teen numbers practice sheets

By decomposing teen numbers, kids gain a better understanding of how “big” numbers are made.

In this set of worksheets, children will practice decomposing the numbers into tens and ones. Then they will color the ten frames accordingly.

If you prefer a bit more hands-on activities, then definitely get my football teen numbers cut and paste worksheets too!

Teen numbers & ten frames worksheets

Ten frame flashcards – let your students play games and learn their numbers to 10 with flashcards

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Counting stars with ten frames – cute stars to count and ten frames to color

Blank ten frame templates – a perfect printable for the whole school year in kindergarten and grade one

To download these kindergarten teen numbers worksheets, just go to the end of this article and grab your pdf there.


Teen Numbers Worksheets

Here’s a preview of the worksheets included in this PDF set:

Kindergarten teen numbers practice sheets
Kindergarten teen numbers practice sheets

Please, remember, these teen numbers worksheets are for personal or classroom use only. No altering or redistribution allowed in any way. Thank you!

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  1. This was so so helpful. My learners were able to do the activity after only explaining it ONCE!! hahah that never happens. Thanks a million!

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