Fun and free summer printables for kids

A list full of fun and free summer printables for your kids!

We have a long summer ahead of us!

So if you could use some more inspiration for printables and activities to do with your kids, then have a look at my list.

There’s something for everyone!

Plus, make sure to get to the end of this article to get my free printable summer bucket list for preschoolers!

Learning summer printables for kids

These are some of the best summer printable activities for preschoolers and older kids, too:

  1. Summer letters, numbers, and shapes are a great way to keep learning the basic math and literacy concepts even during summer. Children will practice upper and lowercase letters, shapes, and numbers up to 20. And the format is cut and paste so they can strengthen their fine motor skills too. By Planes&Balloons
  2. Summer color by number – here is a fun summer printable for practicing numbers 1-20. You’ll find eight pages in this pack so keep them at hand throughout the summer months. By 123Homeschool4me
  3. Ice cream number mats offer a fun hands-on learning experience for your little ones. Children will make ice cream scoops out of play dough and they will get to trace the numbers too! They will practice their number recognition from 1 to 10 with this free printable pack. By Totschooling
  4. Summer tracing worksheets are a perfect printable for toddlers and preschoolers who need some extra fine motor skills practice. Children will trace and color different summer pictures while strengthening their pencil grip and hand-eye coordination. By Planes&Balloons
  5. Ocean same or different is a great activity if your kids enjoy ocean animals. This printable is fun and full of whales, dolphins, and turtles! These are great worksheets to do when bored during summer. By Planes&Balloons
  6. Beach ball color matching is a fun way to teach young learners their colors this summer. If your toddlers or preschoolers could use some help with their basic color recognition, then these dot marker worksheets will help you out! By Totschooling
  7. These summer sequencing worksheets will be a lot of fun to do for your littles. Children will learn to order and re-tell short stories based on four pictures. Great for thinking skills! By HomeschoolPreschool
  8. Summer counting cards and puzzles are a perfect way to keep counting this summer! Kids will enjoy counting the cute summer pictures and build puzzles! They will practice numbers 1-10 but you can also find more printables there for higher numbers. By LivingLifeAndLearning
  9. This summer worksheet bundle covers a bit of everything – letters, numbers, summer words writing, problem-solving, summer word search, and more. It is suitable for preschool and kindergarten students. Just pick and choose which pages you like best. By Planes&Balloons
  10. And last but not least is this summer I spy & graph activity that is totally free and ready-to-go in seconds. Let your kids practice counting to 10 and finish a graph afterward (optional). By Planes&Balloons
ice cream coloring pages

Summer boredom busters printables

  1. Coloring this flip flop coloring page is a fun way to start off the summer this year! Add the popsicles coloring page from above and you are off to a fun start! By Planes&Balloons
  2. Summer dot activity is full of summer pictures that children can color with their favorite dot markers. It’s a quick activity if you need to keep your kids engaged for a few minutes! By TheResourcefulMama
  3. This summer bingo game will be fun for the whole family! For younger children, you can just cut the bingo cards in half to keep their attention going. By 5MinutesForMom
  4. Free ocean animals printable mazes are a great boredom buster for kids during summer! There are simple and more difficult designs included. So if you have younger and older kids at home, these printable mazes will be fun for both. By KidsActivitiesBlog
  5. Summer coloring pages are a set of three summer-themed coloring pages with flowers, hummingbirds; and more! Plus the article includes a huge list of more coloring pages from other mom bloggers. By Planes&Balloons
  6. Summer fruit coloring page for toddlers and preschoolers is a simple one-page printable for the youngest kids. It includes basic summer fruits such as watermelon or strawberries. By Planes&Balloons
  7. These free printable scavenger hunts for summer will keep your kids engaged while playing outside! Take them with you when you for a walk around town, to the beach, the zoo or a road trip somewhere fun. There’s a whole bunch of the free to print so you will probably find at last one that you’ll like. By TheResourcefulMama
  8. This summer bucket list will give you plenty of ideas for fun-filled summer with your kids. Some activities are more suitable for older kids but there is plenty to find for little ones too. By TheLoveFilledWay
  9. Boredom busters activity pages for young children include a tic tac toe page, I spy printable, and a simple word search. By MomDoesReviews
  10. Connect the dots printables is a quick summer dot to dot activity for little ones. Children will connect only a part of the picture and then color it however they like. These pages include summer pictures as well as space ones, too! By Planes&Balloons

I hope you found at least one activity or printable you will enjoy with your children this summer.

And now the bucket list for preschoolers…

Summer bucket list for preschoolers printable PDF

summer printables for kids

I recently wrote down a list of things I’d like my preschool twins to master and enjoy this summer.

There is some learning involved as well as fun and running free-type activities!

And even if you don’t get to do them all, take them as suggestions and ideas to try during long summer days.

So here we go:

  • learn to swim
  • learn to tie a shoe
  • climb a tree
  • have a campfire
  • sleep one night in a tent
  • learn to ride a bike
  • make homemade popsicles
  • remember to pick up toys
  • donate old toys
  • visit family
  • take a train ride
  • have a water balloon fight
  • grow a plant
  • learn to dress/undress by yourself
  • stay up late and watch the stars
  • learn a new board game

Some of these activities are more like skills children should acquire before entering kindergarten.

Very often preschoolers starting school are behind in their self-help skills which makes the teacher’s work in a class full of 5-year-olds a lot harder.

Summer is a great time, for instance, to encourage independence in dressing themselves. The clothes are easy to take off or put on, so children should get very little help in doing so.

Of course, not everyone will get a chance to do some of these activities (like taking a train ride). But many of them are easily done at home or in the backyard (hello, backyard camping!)

You’ll find the printable bucket list at the bottom of this post.

Have fun!