Big medium small ordering worksheets for preschool

Another free set of printable worksheets for your preschoolers. This time for teaching big, medium, small size ordering!

If you have a young preschooler at home, then these sorting by size worksheets will be a great way to teach them the concept of size.

On each page, children will color a picture that is small, medium or large!

preschool worksheets big medium small

Big medium small preschool worksheets

If you’ve already included my big and small worksheets in your lesson plan, then this new printable will be a good way to continue to teach the concept of size comparison.

The skill of comparison is an important early math skill as in the near future preschoolers will dive into comparing numbers and quantities.

It is also helpful for developing pre-reading skills as children use visual discrimination to compare the pictures.

There are nine problems on each page to solve. And a total of three pages.

Children can decide if they prefer to circle or color the correct picture.

You will find the download link to these free sorting by size worksheets at the end of this post.


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Small, medium, large worksheets PDF

preschool worksheets big medium small ordering
preschool worksheets big medium small
preschool worksheets big medium small

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  1. I love this web pg its my first call when looking for activities for my little one thank you so much for the help during c19 its been ruff trying to keep little minds active and learning

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