Canoe race tracing lines worksheets

Fun free printable worksheets for the summer – tracing lines worksheets for 3 year olds!

If you have a preschooler at home, then these fun canoe worksheets will be fun to do during the summer.

Children will practice their fine motor skills while tracing horizontal and vertical lines.

For more tracing worksheets get these tracing horizontal lines worksheets pdf too!

Tracing lines worksheets for preschool

These tracing worksheets are perfect for your 3-year-old at home, but younger and older children might enjoy them too!

This is a great pre-writing activity you can use in your classroom or at home.

You will find a total of three pages in this printable set.

Canoe tracing lines worksheets on wooden table with crayons
Tracing lines worksheets on a wooden table with crayons

First two pages are focused on tracing horizontal lines. Then the last page includes several vertical lines to trace.

You can print these over and over again, so you’ll never run out of tracing pages!

And for more tracing worksheets, visit my bunny hop race tracing pages or tracing shapes worksheets.

To print, just go to the very end of this article and you’ll find the pdf link there.


Preschool tracing lines worksheets PDF

tracing horizontal lines worksheets
tracing vertical lines worksheet

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