Dolch sight words writing and tracing for first grade

Free printable sight words worksheets for first-grade students, all 41 sight words from the Dolch list.

Let your first grader work on their sight words with these tracing and writing sheets.

Children will practice reading, tracing, and writing each word from the Dolch list for first grade. A total of 41 sight words!

And for more sight words fund, also get this sight words dice game!

First grade sight words worksheets

This is a simple but efficient way to practice high frequency words with young children.

First they’ll read the word (with your help if needed). Then they’ll trace over it and lastly, write each word in their own handwriting.

You can print each page as many times as you need in order for your students to learn their sight words.

And make sure to include the kindergarten list as well as preschool sight words too.

In the near future, I’ll prepare more sight words worksheets including reading sentences and other activities.

To download this sight words printable pdf, just go to the end of this article and you’ll find the PDF there.


First grade sight words printable pdf

Dolch sight words tracing and writing for first grade students
First grade sight words tracing sheet
Example of the sight words tracing worksheets including 5 high frequency words from the Dolch list to trace and write

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  1. This is a great website! Thank you so much for the thoughtfulness and easy that it provide! It’s helped me out in tight spots! lol Amazing work and i love that most worksheets are fun, easy to understand and free to use!


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