Comparing two-digit numbers

Free printable comparing numbers worksheets for first grade.

Once your first graders get a good understanding of place value they will be ready to start comparing numbers within 100.

Children learn to compare tens and ones in each number and decide which one is greater or if the numbers are equal.

Therefore the concepts of place value, number order, and comparing numbers are all interconnected.

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Comparing numbers worksheets for first grade

While in kindergarten, children learn to compare groups of objects and numbers up to 10, they advance much further in first grade.

They learn the meaning of tens and ones in two digit numbers and learn to compare them using words and symbols for greater than, less than, and equal to.

If your child is struggling with this or needs some extra practice, use my comparing numbers worksheets made exactly for children in grade 1!

You will find a total of three pages in this printable pdf. Each page includes fourteen sets of numbers to compare. That’s plenty of practice to help your students with the concept of comparing numbers.

To download, just go to the end of this article and you will find the PDF there.


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Comparing numbers grade 1 worksheets

comparing numbers for grade 1 worksheet
comparing numbers worksheets first grade

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