Reindeer race tracing worksheets

Fun free printable reindeer worksheets for preschoolers!

Reindeer tracing worksheets for preschool - three pages on blue background

These Christmas tracing worksheets will be a great addition to your holiday activity plan this year!

Children will practice tracing straight, curvy, and irregular lines while enjoying the cute reindeer and carrot graphics.

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Christmas reindeer tracing worksheets for preschool

You will find a total of three pages in this printable pack.

Children will trace lines and can even color the cute reindeer and carrots when they finish the “race”.

In case you’d like to use these tracing worksheets several years in a row, make sure to laminate them or use clear plastic sleeves in your preschool binder.

Just like solving mazes, tracing activities are a great way to strengthen fine motor skills and prepare children for writing assignments in the future.

Let them use their favorite markers or crayons to color the reindeer afterward.

To download these reindeer tracing worksheets, just go to the end of this article and get the PDF there.


Reindeer tracing worksheets for preschool - three pages on blue background with a girl clipart

Reindeer race worksheets for preschool

Here you can have a peek at what two of the worksheets look like:

Reindeer tracing worksheets for preschool - curvy lines
Reindeer tracing worksheets for preschool - irregular lines

And please, keep in mind, these tracing activities are for personal and classroom use only.

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