All About Me Booklet

Get this cute all about me booklet for the beginning or end of the school year!

Children will love to tell you all about themselves with this free printable All about me booklet!

They will draw and write their answers so you can easily track their favorites over the years.

It’s a perfect warm-up activity for the beginning of the school year. But also a good tracking tool for the end of school. See how much they’ve grown and changed in one school year!

All about me booklet pages on yellow background

All About Me Booklet Printable

If you’re preparing your all about me lesson plan for your classroom or homeschool, then this printable is just for you.

This all about me book is definitely kid-approved! One of my boys just kept on working on his booklet, even though I told him he didn’t have to finish it all in one sitting. But he just couldn’t stop!

You will find a total of eight pages in this printable booklet.

One of them is a cover page and the rest of the pages cover areas of children’s favorites and interests.

You can easily add this to your activities for all about me theme to let children introduce themselves and get to know their classmates.

All about me booklet front page colored placed on wooden floor with markers
The front cover of the All about me booklet

All about me book PDF

This free all about me book pdf is going to be everyone’s favorite! Children will be happy to tell you all about their family, favorites, and plans for the future 😉.

Here are the topics covered in this All about me booklet:

  • draw a self-portrait
  • write your name, age, and birthday and draw candles on a birthday cake
  • draw your house and the city you live in
  • write your address (good practice for children learning their address)
  • describe and draw your family
  • draw or write your favorite color, food, toy, book, TV show, and animal
  • what you want to be when you grow up and why
  • what you like to do and who is your best friend

So even though, there are “only” seven pages included, children will have a chance to include lots of their facts and favorites!

Front page of All about me Booklet Worksheets

All about me mini book PDF

This printable mini book is easily done.

All you need is a printer, paper, pair of scissors and a stapler.

First, print the pages. Then cut them out with scissors or a guillotine trimmed if you have one (I love using mine!)

Then simply connect the pages in whatever order you prefer. You may even skip a page or two if they are not a good fit for your kids.

If your kids cannot write some of the answers, simply ask them and help them out. They can always draw a picture afterward.

Children will also enjoy coloring the very front page – the booklet cover.

My Favorites - a page from the all about me booklet
These are my favorites section of the mini booklet

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All about me booklet first page self-portrait with markers
Self-portrait section of the All about me booklet

All about me booklet PDF

It is easy and quick to download this printable booklet pdf.

Just find the download link at the bottom of this article, then save or print right away.

It takes a few minutes to prep the book but I promise it is worth it! Children in preschool, kindergarten, first grade, or second grade will enjoy working through the pages, writing, and coloring.

So grab this freebie and get to know your students today!

What I want to be page from the All about me booklet

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