All about me worksheet Set

Inside: A few different versions of All about me worksheet for the first week of school!

All about me worksheets are a perfect way to start the new school year. Not only they are a great icebreaker, but they also help you keep track of all the progress and changes that take place over the years.

If you are a teacher or a homeschooling parent, this printable All about me worksheet pdf will be an excellent addition to the first days back to school.

And if you love taking photos of your kids on their first day of school, make sure you don’t miss my free editable first day of school signs!

All about me worksheet pages on pink background

All about me worksheet Free Printable

I had lots of fun designing these sheets. All of the illustrations are hand-drawn and perfect for coloring.

These all about me pages are suitable for preschool children all the way up to elementary grades. I also created a printable All about me booklet, which would be another fun way to start the school year.

Pre-k/K students can easily draw their answers, instead of writing them. And older kids can choose a way they prefer.

Also, these worksheets are excellent keepsakes for the parents. Don’t you think?

Get to know your students more and have some fun during the first week of school.

All about me Worksheet PDF

You’ll find a total of three printable pages in this PDF. Children can write or draw to fill in blank spaces.

One page is fully dedicated to making a self-portrait. Preschoolers will most likely draw themselves while older children can get creative with making a collage, using photographs, and more.

I included these topics in the templates:

  • writing their name and age
  • where the child is from – this can be answered in different ways, whether city, state, country or even a drawing of a house
  • drawing of the family
  • what they want to be when they grow up
  • games they like to play
  • things they want to learn this school year
  • self-portrait plus eye and hair color
  • favorite color, book, snack, season, animal, and movie

To download these back-to-school printable worksheets, simply click on the download link below. Then print.

Feel free to use them in the classroom or at home. But any other re-distribution or altering are not allowed.

Thank you for visiting my site!


all about me printable

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Printable All about me worksheet

Take a look at the three pages included in this set.


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