Cat Worksheets For Preschoolers

In today’s article, you’ll find fun hand-drawn cat worksheets for preschoolers!

This preschool printable pack comes with 5 awesome kitty cat activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

Children will enjoy coloring the cute cat pictures while sorting shapes, tracing lines, or building a cat puzzle!

Add this cat worksheet pack to your preschool lesson plan any time throughout the year for a fun, ready-to-go activity.

Four cat worksheets on blue background with text overlay

Free Printable Cat Worksheets

You will find a total of five pages in this printable set.

First, use crayons or markers to boost creativity and color in your kitty cat coloring page. 

Next, trace each path in the “Lead Your Cat to Lunch!” activity sheet! This is great for building pre-writing skills and increasing finger strength in preschoolers. 

The pack also comes with a kitty cat Do A Dot sheet that can be filled in with classic Dot markers.

But if you want an added challenge, try Q-tip painting. Simply dip the Q-tip end into a paint color of your choice and touch it to the center of each circle on the page.

Want to build pincher strength? Get a sheet of small stickers and have your little ones peel off stickers to place in the circles!

Small stamps are another fun way to fill in the sheet. 

The next worksheet is a number order puzzle. This cat puzzle is tons of fun. Simply cut out the puzzle pieces and match each piece to its correct number!

Finally, help the kitty cat to sort her shapes. Cut out the circles and triangles, and glue them into their matching shape column! 

Free worksheets For Preschoolers

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And remember to get your little ones talking along the way.

Some great questions to ask are: “What color is the kitty cat on the page?”Do you have a cat, or any pets at home?” or “What do you think a cat’s fur feels like?” “What would you name your cat if you were to get one?

Enjoy this Kitty Cat Activity Pack for Preschool and boost creativity while building fine motor skills. 

Download your free activity pack for preschoolers at the end of this article.

Free cat worksheets for preschoolers PDF

Take a look at the pictures below to get an idea of what’s included in this printable set.

Cat puzzle worksheet
Do a dot cat worksheet

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