Shape book printable

Free printable My shape book for teaching 2d shapes in preschool and kindergarten!

Children will love learning about shapes with this fun printable shape book. They will learn to recognize eight basic 2d shapes, draw them, trace them and spot them among real-life objects.

Shape book pages o yellow background with green text overlay

My shape book preschool printable

This book of shapes will be a great companion to your shape lesson in preschool and kindergarten.

The book is easy to make and includes plenty of exercises to practice each shape.

You will find these eight flat shapes or 2d shapes in this printable pdf:

  • circle
  • square
  • triangle
  • rectangle
  • oval
  • rhombus
  • pentagon
  • hexagon

Preschoolers can easily master the first five shapes. And if you have a kindergartener at home, they can work on the more advanced shapes too.

Shape book pages on yellow background with a photo of the shape book at the bottom

How to make this book of shapes printable

All you’ll need to make this printable book of shapes is a printer, scissors, and a stapler.

Just print out the pages you need, cut along the lines, and make the book.

pages of printed shape book on a wooden table

My shape book preschool printable

Children will need some colored pencils or markers to work on their shapes.

There are two practice pages for each shape.

First, children can name and color the big shape. Then they will practice drawing the shape. They will also work on shape recognition among pictures of real-life objects.

On the next page, preschoolers will look for the given shape and color all the ones they can find. And they will get to trace the shape as well.

Open shape book - page about squares

My shape book PDF

Below you can preview the pages included in this shape book printable:

My shape book front page
Triangle shape worksheet
Find and color shapes worksheet

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Book of shapes printable download

You can download my printable shape book below.


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