ABC Coloring Pages

Fun free printable alphabet coloring pages for kids learning the ABC!

It seems like there is never enough practice when it comes to learning the ABCs. So grab these free printable alphabet coloring pages for your 2 year olds, or toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kiddos too, and grow their early literacy skills.

Each letter page includes the uppercase and lowercase letter, fun picture to color, and a word with the corresponding beginning sound.

These ABC coloring pages can be easily made into an alphabet booklet that you can make for your students or at home for your children.

So keep reading to find out how to download the printable and to discover more free educational alphabet printables from Planes&Balloons!

ABC coloring pages on blue background with text overlay

ABC coloring

This little alphabet booklet is a lot of fun! Children can slowly go through all the ABC letters, color pictures, and read words.

With this printable booklet, they will practice their alphabet, beginning sounds, and fine motor skills too.

And it is very easy to make this printable alphabet activity too. Just download, print, and cut pages in half (optional). Children will do the rest!

ABC coloring booklet on wooden background with some colored pencils
It’s easy to make this alphabet booklet!

Alphabet coloring pages

You will find a total of 13 pages to print and color in this printable pdf set. Children will love making their own little alphabet book for learning the letters and their sounds.

They can use their favorite markers, crayons, or pencils to color and decorate the letters and pictures.

You can easily add these letter worksheets to your language arts lesson plan in kindergarten or preschool throughout the year, or send them home with students over the weekend or long break. Parents will enjoy having some educational activity at hand whether at home or on the go (hello, long car rides!).

Letters K and L worksheet abc coloring page
Letter K and L worksheet

Alphabet worksheets free printable PDF

And there are many more ABC worksheets here on Planes&Balloons you can download for free! Just check out some of them here:

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Free printable ABC letter hunt – find and color each featured letter

Spotting letters alphabet worksheets – find the correct letter in each row

Hot chocolate letter matching – marshmallows and hot chocolate worksheet to practice the alphabet

Tracing lowercase letters – when your child is ready for handwriting, try these tracing worksheets first

Letters E and F worksheet abc coloring page
E is for elephant, F is for frog! ABC worksheet

ABC coloring pages free printable PDF

Not only will children learn their uppercase letters, but they will practice letter recognition in lowercase too.

What you’ll need:

  • the printable ABC coloring PDF (download at the end)
  • printer
  • paper
  • scissors to cut the pages in half (this saves you 13 sheets of paper!)
  • staples to connect the pages if you decide to make them into a book
  • colored markers, pencils, or crayons for the kids
Letters Q and R worksheet abc coloring page
Letter Q and R Coloring Page

ABC coloring book free download pdf

I decided to make these coloring pages smaller to save some paper. So you will find two letters per page. The large coloring pages might be too long for little ones to color anyway, so this half-size is kind of ideal. I know my boys will love these!

So simply grab this printable and have some fun learning the letters with your little ones!

You will find the download link under the pink Planes&Balloons banner below.

Have fun!

And, please, remember that these alphabet coloring pages are for personal and classroom use only. Don’t redistribute them or resell them in any way. Thank you for understanding!

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