Lowercase Letter Tracing

Make tracing lowercase letters fun with these free printable worksheets!

If your kids are learning to write their lowercase letters, then you’ll appreciate these free printable letter tracing worksheets.

Children will get to practice one letter per page – the whole alphabet from a to z. While each page includes a picture to color, three ways to trace the letter, and a line to practice writing on their own.

So whether they prefer dotted letters or grey letters to trace, they are all included in this printable set.

Read on to find out how to download this printable and to discover more fun tracing and alphabet worksheets, too!

Lowercase letters tracing worksheets on purple background

Small letter tracing worksheets PDF

You will get a total of 26 pages in this small letter tracing worksheets pdf.

Besides letters to trace, each page includes a picture with a corresponding beginning sound.

This printable would be a fun addition to your summer routine so children keep on practicing letter formation and strengthening their fine motor skills.

Have these worksheets at hand for children as young as toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kiddos for simple letter and alphabet activities.

Lowercase letter i tracing worksheet on desk with markers and pencil
I is for ice cream! Lowercase letter i tracing page

Tracing lowercase letters

In these tracing worksheets, I decided to try something different.

Instead of using dotted lines only, I added greyed-out letters to trace, too. I read somewhere that some children might have difficulty seeing the “whole” with dotted lines and might do a lot better with the grey letter option.

In either case, both types of tracing options are included. On top of that, children will also get to write each lowercase letter on their own, after they practice tracing it first.

Lowercase letters tracing worksheets on purple background with text overlay

tracing worksheets PDF

letter a tracing worksheet
Lowercase letter a tracing page with a picture of an ant to color

Lower case letters practice sheets pdf

Handwriting can be tricky for little ones. It is important to create a routine where children are expected to practice their letters a little bit each day. Especially once they enter kindergarten.

I have implemented evening reading and writing sessions with my own kids and I cannot stress this enough – practice on a regular basis is what makes a true difference.

It might only take 10 to 15 minutes each day, and perhaps a break during the weekend. As with any routine, once they get used to doing a bit of schoolwork every day, it will become natural and prepare them for the years ahead full of homework, projects, and assignments.

letter z tracing worksheet
Z is for zebra tracing page with a picture of zebra to color

Lowercase alphabet tracing

To download the lowercase alphabet tracing worksheets, just find the Planes&Balloons banner and the link right below it.

Click, save, or print right away.


And please, remember, these lowercase alphabet tracing worksheets are for personal and classroom use only. Any redistribution, resale, or altering is not allowed. Thank you.

Letter Tracing Worksheets

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