Writing Practice For Kindergarten

Discover numerous handwriting worksheets for kindergarten and start practicing with your child!

If your child has moved up from tracing letters and pictures, then these handwriting worksheets will be a great next step.

Teaching handwriting is really a matter of practice. Like with everything, the more often children write, the better they get.

Children attending kindergarten often incorporate writing into their play as they write their own stories accompanied by fun illustrations. And this is a great start!

Once my own kids advanced with reading their sight words, reading CVC words, with their letter formation, and started reading first books on their own, then I chose to introduce the proper spelling of the most common words. And it’s slowly and surely sticking!

So I made these basic writing worksheets where children can practice writing simple words and even phrases.

Read on to download these writing worksheets (at the very bottom of the page) and discover other tracing and writing activities for your kids and students.

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Writing practice for kindergarten

In kindergarten, children work on proper letter formation, learn to use uppercase and lowercase letters, periods at the end of sentences.

But we typically don’t expect them to use the correct spelling of the words just yet. This will develop over time, with more reading and writing practice.

How do you practice handwriting in kindergarten?

What typically happens in a kindergarten classroom is a handwriting center or workshop.

Children use this kind of handwriting paper with a block for drawing and a few lines for writing. They write a short story and draw a picture, too. The topics change from fiction to non-fiction, from one sentence to a few sentences long stories.

By the end of kindergarten, children will be able to write with proper punctuation, start the sentences with capitalized letters, and end them with periods.

Correct spelling is not required and children “write as they hear“. This practice is based on so many hours of learning the letter sounds, blending, and phonics in general.

Writing practice in kindergarten with incorrect spelling - two pages on wooden table
Simple story written by a kindergartener. The incorrect spelling is not a concern at this age.

Handwriting activities for kindergarten

There are different ways to add handwriting activities for kindergarten into your daily routine.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • “read” pictures – if your child seems to be interested in a particular picture in a book, ask them to write a sentence or two about it using a lined paper
  • recap the day – if you had a particularly fun day like going to the beach, park, etc., let your child write a short story and draw a picture
  • write a journal – let your child pick a special notebook for his or her writing journal. Try to encourage writing in it every day, even if they only write a few words or a sentence or two.
  • follow your child’s interest – is your child obsessed with trains/airplanes/princesses, etc.? Make your own worksheet with most common words for them to write. I use this method when I see a certain topic keeps coming back in my kids’ mini stories. For instance, my boys like to write about building a future city. So I added the word “city” to their writing book. And this takes me to the next point:
Writing practice worksheet for kindergarten with six words to write
Writing practice worksheet with six words

How do you make a handwriting worksheet?

You don’t necessarily need to print any worksheets for handwriting, really.

It will definitely make your life easier and you will have them ready in seconds, but if you can’t find specific words your child needs to practice, you can easily make your own handwriting worksheet.

I found simple handwriting paper at one of the dollar stores. When we are in a hurry or away from home, this is a great option to use. I simply use a black marker to write the word at the beginning of the line and my kids write the rest.

Writing journal for kindergarten practice on black table with a pencil
A simple handwriting notebook

If you have a program for editing PDFs, >>use this unlocked handwriting paper template << and just add practice words at the beginning of each line. Then save and print.

Writing worksheets for kindergarten pdf

If you need some more tracing or writing worksheets, make sure to check out some of these.

Lowercase letter tracing – if your child needs to practice letter formation some more, use these tracing worksheets instead!

Tracing Dolch sight words in kindergarten – read and trace the sight words

Months and days tracing worksheets – for a fun twist, learn to write the calendar

Tracing the numbers 1-20 – for number writing practice

Tracing lines spring worksheets – perfect for younger students who need to strengthen their fine motor skills and pencil grasp

Kindergarten sight words worksheets – work on your sight words recognition and spelling

Kindergarten writing workbook pdf

Finally, if you’d like to download my kindergarten writing workbook pdf, here’s your chance.

These writing worksheets start with writing lowercase letters a-z and numbers 0-9.

Then gradually children will practice writing CVC words, sight words, and some common phrases such as we are, one day, we went, and so on.

Writing practice worksheet for kindergarten with six words to write
Simple phrases for writing practice

You will also find a blank paper to print out at the end of the workbook, just in case you want to use it for extra writing practice.

You will find a total of 20 pages with letters and words to write. You may print them out as often as you need until your child advances with her handwriting.

I really hope you will find these writing worksheets helpful, whether at home or in the classroom.


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