Reading Booklets For Kindergarten

If you have an emergent reader at home, then these reading booklets for kindergarten are just for you!

At some point, children have to move on from reading sight words and CVC words individually to reading actual sentences and simple stories.

The time for introducing books and reading booklets for your child will depend on her skills, of course. But in general, if your little one recognizes her basic sight words and can sound out and blend three-letter CVC words, it might be time to level up the reading game.

So read on to discover my free printable reading booklets and more worksheets and activities to help your beginning readers!

Three pages of emergent reader booklets on purple background with text overlay

Reading booklets for kindergarten

First, a little backstory, if I may.

I have been quite frustrated with the slow progress my kids have been doing in their classroom this year, knowing how ready they are for more.

As much as we love our kindergarten teacher and all her hard work, the everyday reality in the classroom can be quite shocking. Not only do teachers have to keep up with teaching, but they deal with so many behavioral and other issues these days, which only takes away hours of instruction from the kids who are ready to learn.

But luckily, I found this great amazing awesome book called “Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons” and I was hooked! (I highly recommend it for anyone teaching their kids to read at home).

We are only halfway through it but my kids already say how much they love reading (yes!) and already attempt to read simple books on their own!

So this is how I came about designing my own simple reading booklets for kindergarten.

Two reading booklets for kindergarten on black tabletop with pencils
Emergent reader booklets to print at home

Free printable books for beginning readers

So far, I created three printable books for reading with beginning readers and students in kindergarten. But my plan is to make more, so check back later to grab those too.

You will find a mixture of sight words and CVC words that beginning readers can tackle and read.

There shouldn’t be many difficult words included, but if you find any, simply help your kids sound them out (if possible) or teach them a new sight word.

Emergent reader books pdf

I kept each of the reading booklets in black and white for easy printing. Your children will most likely enjoy coloring the books, too. So it’s a win-win!

All you will need is:

  • the printable emergent reader booklets (download each individually)
  • printer
  • paper
  • scissors to cut out the pages
  • staples to make a book
  • crayons (optional) for coloring

I included sight words from the Dolch list for preschool and kindergarten as well as simple words we’ve been practicing from word families.

Beginning reader printable book on tabletop with text overlay Image for Pinterest

Reading printables for kindergaten

Make sure to check out and grab more of my language arts printable here:

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-at word family worksheets – various worksheets to practice reading CVC words from the at word family

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-ig word family activities – another word family set of worksheets to print out

Pre-primer sight word sentences – a small but fun booklet for children as young as preschool to practice reading

Easy reader printable books

Free printable reading booklet 1

The first book is called “Sam with cat” and consists of six pages to read.

I highly recommend cutting the pages in half and turning them into a booklet. That way your child can have the books available at any time to practice.

In this first booklet, your child will practice sight words and CVC words such as like, it, am, Sam, cat, bat, hat, look, have, and more!

Difficult words might be: what, that, thing, so pay closer attention to those.

Cat with a hat pages form reading booklet number one
Cat with hat and bat page from the printable Easy reader booklet

Free printable reading booklet 2

The second book is called “Fox and pig” and your child will get to read 8 pages with 11 sentences total.

I really tried my best to create stories that make sense and use plenty of repetition to reinforce the words.

Some of the words your kids will read are big, all, not, here, sit, sun, and more.

The one difficult word in this book might be “too” if they haven’t learned it as their sight word yet.

One page from easy reader book for kindergarten
A page from pig and fox story from Book two

Free printable reading booklet 3

The last book of the three is called “Jan can dig” and the story is based on the beach. Children might enjoy coloring this one the most.

Some of the words included in this reading booklet are kid, come, said, please, help, and a bunch of CVC words.

The more difficult words might be “things” and “wow” if they haven’t encountered those before.

Girl on the beach page from reading booklet number 3
Easy reader book about digging at the beach

Free printable kindergarten level books pdf

And finally, you can download the free printable booklets below.

It only takes a little bit of prep time but it is so worth it! Enjoy some reading time with your little ones and watch them grow into skilled readers, one book at a time.


And, please, remember, these free printable reading booklets are for personal and classroom use only. Not for redistribution or resale. Thank you!

Looking for more books to read with your early readers?

Check out some of these, too! They are from other pages but I find them super nice and helpful:

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