Digraph Ch Worksheets

Free printable digraph ch worksheets for your budding readers!

Your kids and students will LOVE to practice digraphs with these free printable ch worksheets. Children will learn to recognize the ch sound in different words, write it and read it, too.

Besides learning the first sound in words like chin or cheese, children will also practice telling apart words that start with the sh sound and letters c and h.

So let’s dive in because there is a lot to learn today!

Ch digraph worksheets spread on pink background with text overlay

What is a digraph?

A digraph is made of two letters making one sound together. The most common digraphs taught in kindergarten are ch, sh, th, and wh. Think of words like chop, shoe, or wheel, and listen for the beginning sounds. They are made of two consonants but only make one sound.

Of course, there are other digraphs ( such as kn, sk, sp, etc.) but let’s focus on the basic ones first.

What is the difference between digraphs and blends?

Besides digraphs, we also teach consonant blends.

Blends are made of two consonants and each letter makes its own sound. For instance, sp is a blend and we can hear both letters separately in words like spoon, spear, spot, etc.

Sort the pictures by their beginning sound and ch digraph
Sort the words by their beginning sounds

Ch digraph worksheets

Digraphs and blends are both helpful when first learning how to read. Once children learn that two consonants are read a certain way together – such as c and h make the ch sound, they are able to read any word with the “ch” sound in it.

We can find digraphs at the beginning of the word (like in chip), the middle of the word (like in teacher), and the end of the word (like in lunch).

Ch worksheets

In this printable ch worksheets PDF, you will find 5 free pages.

Children will cut and paste pictures, write the sounds, sort words, and more.

  • Picture sort – find the pictures that start with the ch sound
  • C, H, and CH sounds – sort the pictures by the beginning sound
  • Word maze – follow the “ch” words to solve the maze
  • Write the sounds – say the words out loud and decide which sound they start with
  • Ch or SH? – hear the difference between ch and sh and color the pictures
Ch or sh digraph worksheet
CH or SH words?

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Ch digraph worksheets on wooden floor
All the Ch worksheets included in the bundle

Ch sound worksheets

It is easy to download and use these ch sound worksheets with your kindergarten and first-grade students.

All you need:

  • the free printable Ch worksheets (download at the end)
  • printer
  • paper
  • scissors
  • crayons or markers
  • pencil for writing

Ch worksheets Free

Feel free to use these ch worksheets with your students in the classroom or with children learning at home.

We will definitely include them in our summer learning routine!