ap word family worksheets

Free printable Ap word family worksheets to teach simple CVC words!

Help your students or children build their vocabulary with words that rhyme! These -ap word family worksheets are full of practice activities that can help boost phonological awareness and reading skills.

As children learn their first words from various word families, they will be able to make and read simple sentences. So make sure to grab my other word family worksheets and make learning to read fun!

So keep reading to find out how to download the printable and to discover more phonics and word family freebies!

Ap word family worksheets on purple background with text overlay

Ap word family worksheets

Word family words are perfect “first” words to read as they have the same ending sound which helps to blend letters and sounds much faster.

And they rhyme too! So it’s easier to make rhymes and silly sentences out of them to keep little kids engaged.

I only included three-letter words in this ap word family printable but there are definitely other words you can teach such as clap, snap, trap or slap.

Children will get to practice these eight -ap words in this educational printable set: tap, sap, lap, map, nap, gap, yap, and cap.

Ap Word Family

This word family printable consists of nine activity pages. You may choose to print all the pages or perhaps just a few.

Children will practice reading, writing, scissor skills, and matching. They will enjoy the simple illustrations that accompany the ap word family words they are currently learning.

You’ll need:

  • the printable -ap word family worksheets (download at the end)
  • printer
  • paper
  • pencil
  • crayons or markers
  • safety scissors
  • glue or glue stick

The printable is mostly black and white so it’s easy to print. One of the activities is based on colors so you will need to print it out in color, however.

Word matching with pictures worksheet

Word family worksheets

For more word family worksheets, check out the freebies below:

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Ig Word Family – includes activities such as roll a dice or match the pictures with words

At Word Family Worksheets – similar printable to work on at word family

Am word family worksheets – educational printable for learning the -am family words

And here are some super worksheets to practice CVC words and phonics wit your kindergarten students:

Cut and paste CVC words – match pictures and write the words with this word activity

Cut and paste beginning sounds – practice beginning sounds for each letter of the alphabet

CVC missing vowel worksheets – write or say the missing vowel in the middle of the CVC words

Ending sounds for kindergarten – figure out what is the last sound in each word

CVC words for kindergarten – read the words below pictures and decide which one is the correct one

Ap word family practice worksheets on purple background with text overlay Image for Pinterest

Ap family worksheets

There are multiple word family activities spread through the pages of this printable set. Let’s take a look at what your kids will practice:

  • -ap word family flashcards – simply use these to rpactice reading and sounding out letters
  • cut and paste first sounds – cut out the letters and paste them to make -ap words
  • matching pictures with words – read the words and match them with the correct picture
  • writing practice – children will practice writing the first letter to make the ap words
  • -ap words word search – find all the words you just learn in this simple word search
  • color by -ap word – each word has its own color. Read and color all the words with the correct color
  • letter find – color only the letters that buld each word
Eight ap words flashcards on one page

Ap family words worksheets

You can download this printable at the end of this article.

Just find the Planes&Baloons banner and click on the link right below it. You can download or print the worksheets right there.


Ap words word search worksheet

Please keep in mind that these worksheets are for personal or classroom use only. Altering, resale, or redistribution are not allowed in any way. Thank you!

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