Cut And Paste Sight Words

These cut and paste sight words worksheets are a fun way to practice sight words in kindergarten!

Fun printable for your kindergarten students learning their first sight words. There is a mix of pre-k and kindergarten Dolch sight words in these worksheets, so all the basic sight words are included.

Children will gain fluency in reading these high-frequency words while working on those fine motor skills too!

You will find 5 worksheets below.

Cut and paste sight words worksheets arranged on background with text overlay

sight words cut and paste

All you need is to grab the printables and print them out.

Children will need to use scissors and glue sticks to finish this activity.

Cut and paste sight words PDF

Read the words in all the boxes. Then match them with the words at the bottom of the page. Use glue sticks to paste them in the correct places.

Kindergarten sight words worksheets

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