Kindergarten sight word scramble game

In today’s post: Fun printable sight word activity that covers all 52 Dolch sight words!

If you’re always looking for new kindergarten sight word activities, then you’ll find this article helpful.

Not only you’ll find a printable sight word scramble game your kids will enjoy, but also numerous ideas to make learning sight words in kindergarten more fun.

kindergarten sight word activities

Kindergarten sight words activities

In my printable sight word scramble game, you’ll get a total of eight pages. They contain all sight words from Dolch’s sight word list for kindergarten.

The activity is quite simple.

First, children will have to unscramble the words, then write them down and lastly find a matching word.

This sight word printable is perfect for the classroom or your homeschool. But it can also be a great kindergarten revision activity for the summer.

My other sight words activities and sight words they practice:

How to make learning sight words fun

Even though my twin boys are only preschoolers, I can already see that their learning strategies are completely different.

One of them is very task-driven and focused while his brother is definitely a more hands-on out-of-the-box thinker.

Teaching them any new concept requires me to stay creative and look for different ways to make learning fun.

So using only worksheets or flash cards might not be for everyone.

Therefore if you want to make learning sight words more enjoyable for your child, try to implement some of these fun strategies and activities to encourage enthusiasm for learning:

  • point out the sight word you are currently working on in your everyday environment, e.g. on advertisements in the store, in a book you’re reading, in a restaurant’s menu, etc. And make sure to give positive feedback and encouragement every time your child recognizes the word on his own.
  • add sensory sight word activities, e.g. writing in shaving cream, sand, etc.
  • build the sight word with fridge magnets and encourage your child to copy it (you’ll need several sets of fridge magnets)
  • make a sight word scavenger hunt
  • have some fun making invisible sight word art with white crayon and watercolor. Just write the sight word on a paper and have your child paint over it with her favorite colors. The word will reveal itself!
  • make it a “sight word week“. Write the given sight word on several pieces of paper and place them around the house – in the playroom, living room, dining room, even bathroom. Say it out loud with your child whenever you notice it. Your child will see it everywhere throughout the week and most likely remember it.
  • while eating breakfast or dinner together, try to come up with as many silly sentences using the sight word as possible. This will be a lot of fun for both of you.

Sight word scramble game

Here is a sneak peek into the sight word pdf file. You can download it at the very end of this post by clicking on the download button.

sight words scramble kindergarten
sight words scramble kindergarten

Fun and free printable kindergarten sight word activities

Here is a list of other printable sight word activities you might want to check out. They are from my trusted go-to sources of homeschooling moms and education sites.

And now, if you’re ready to get my sight word scramble game, you can download it below.

I really hope these ideas will help your child to learn and remember her sight words more easily. And if you found this article useful, please share it with your friends.

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