Simple Sentences For Kindergarten to Read PDF

Come and practice reading with these simple sentences for kindergarten!

From letters to words to sentences! If your kindergarten kids have mastered reading their sight words and simple CVC words, then these worksheets are for you.

Let’s take another step toward reading and reading comprehension!

I combined many words my kindergarten kids have been learning to read into simple sentences. It is quite fun and very encouraging for your children and you.

All of a sudden your little one can read short sentences, which is truly a moment of pride!

But don’t worry if your children can’t read all of these yet. Try my simple pre-primer beginner reader book instead.

Simple sentences for kindergarten to read pages on background with text overlay

Reading sentences for kindergarten PDF

With this printable, children will work on their sight words, CVC words, and reading comprehension, too.

You will find a total of five pages with 20 practice sentences to work on with your students or kids.

Some of the sentences are accompanied by pictures. The pictures help replace words that are more advanced to read at this point. Children will simple say those out loud as part of the sentence.

You may cut out each sentence strip and play around with them over time. You can shuffle them and mix them based on your kids’ reading level.

I did that with mine here:

Sentences to read for kindergarten cut out and spread on wooden floor

Or you can simply use the whole page as you would a page in a book and perhaps work on one page per day.

And once your kids are ready to read short stories, get these emergent reader booklets for free!

Easy sentences for kindergarten

All you need to do to start reading these easy sentences with your kindergarten kiddos is grab the free printable PDF first.

It is easy to download at the end of this article, right under the pink Planes&Balloons banner.

Then save, print, and start reading!

If you decide to cut out the sentences, it will take a few extra minutes of your time. But it’s all very straightforward and easy to make.

Kindergarten sentences to read with pictures

Reading worksheets for kindergarten

Make sure you don’t miss out on all the reading worksheets and activities from Palnes&Balloons! They will complement this reading activity rather nicely.

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Kindergarten sight words tracing – children will practice their handwriting while learning sight words too

Kindergarten easy sentences to read with text overlay Pinterest image

Simple Sentences For Kindergarten To Read PDF

And finally, feel free to download and use these simple sentences for reading with your kindergarten students in the classroom or kids at home.

You may download them below.

I hope you and your children will really benefit from this reading activity. I will definitely be making more in the future.


Sentences to read for kindergarten 4 per one page

But please, remember, that this printable PDF is for personal and classroom use only. Do not upload or resell them in any way. Thank you for understanding!

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