Free Sight Word Coloring Pages For Kindergarten

Grab these free sight word coloring pages to add some crafty activity to your literacy centers!

I previously made a whole set of pre-primer sight word coloring pages. This new bundle is an excellent addition to continuing to learn sight words in kindergarten.

This set includes 52 Dolch sight words for kindergarten. But feel free to pick and choose the words that your students or children are currently working on. You can easily combine them with the set mentioned above.

These sight word coloring pages can be used for arts and crafts, decorated with stickers, noodles, or any other way. And you can use them as posters for your kindergarten classroom too!

Sight words coloring pages

Free sight word coloring pages PDF

Learning sight words is hard work! Let’s make it fun with these simple coloring pages.

This printable consists of 52 pages. Each page includes one high-frequency word to color. I find it best to offer simple designs and let children’s creativity blossom.

They can use crayons, fun scented markers, watercolor, glue and tissue paper, and even glitter to make their sight words shine!

Sight word "do" coloring page
“Do” sight word coloring page

Sight words Printables

If you prefer more traditional printables, then check out some of these typical sight words worksheets to add to your literacy centers:

Free printable sight word coloring sheets

Whether you use these sight word coloring sheets with your students in the classroom, homeschooling co-op groups, or with children at home, I hope you’ll find them helpful!

Sight word "are" coloring page
“Are” sight word coloring

All you need to do is grab the printable PDF at the end of this article.

Then print the sight words your child is learning at the moment or make a visual sight word wall.

If you plan to use them as posters, you can easily print them in half-size to fit all 52 sight words on your wall.