Pumpkin Count And Match Free Printable

A simple counting activity for your fall lesson plans in preschool and kindergarten!

Grab this free printable counting and matching activity for your little ones. Children will love counting and matching pumpkins this fall!

All you need is to print, laminate, and cut the activity and you can easily re-use it all season long.

So whether your children can count to 10 already or just starting out, this simple pumpkin counting printable will help either way. Let them practice and count as much as they want!

Pumpkin counting cards on background with text overlay

Counting pumpkins preschool

You will find eleven counting cards with pumpkins to cut out – from 0 to 10.

Children will count the dots on one side and match them with numbers on the other. They will practice counting and number recognition up to 10.

This is a perfect activity for early math lessons with your toddlers, preschoolers, or kindergarten kids. And teachers in special education classrooms might find it helpful for their students too!

Worksheet with pumpkins with dots and numbers to match
Count and match pumpkin activity

Counting pumpkins printable

What you’ll need:

  • the printable Pumpkin counting activity (download at the very end)
  • printer
  • paper
  • laminator
  • scissors to prep the activity

Once you print and laminate the pages, cut the cards into halves. Then they’re all ready to go.

Ask your students to count the dots and find the correct number.

Another way to play is to match the cards with the wrong numbers and have your students find and correct the mistakes.

Free Pumpkin printables

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Free printable counting pumpkins activity

Finally, download the free printable pumpkin activity below.

Just click on the link under the pink Planes&Balloons banner, then download or print the activity right away.

Feel free to use this printable in your classroom, homeschool, daycare, library, or after-school program.


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