Parts of a pumpkin Worksheets

Fun free printable parts of a pumpkin worksheets for your preschool and kindergarten students!

Are your kids excited about the fall? Let’s have some fun learning about the parts of a pumpkin with these printable worksheets.

There are multiple pumpkin activities included in this set. So you have the freedom to pick and choose what works best for your kids.

Add these pumpkin worksheets to your October lesson plan and let your little learners explore the inner and outer parts of this favorite seasonal fruit.

Read on to find out more about what’s included in this printable pumpkin activity pack and how to download it.

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Parts of a pumpkin printable

For the first day of fall, I couldn’t help but make a new fall-themed printable for my kids.

Fall is a cozy, colorful season full of visits to farms and orchards to enjoy the season’s harvest. So let’s add some learning to all the seasonal fun.

Grab this parts of a pumpkin printable set and help your children to learn the names of different parts of a pumpkin.

They will work on their fine motor skills with drawing, coloring, scissor skills, build their vocabulary, write a story, and more!

Pumpkin worksheets free

These free pumpkin worksheets include my original illustrations that are easy for children to understand.

The worksheets are suitable for kids in preschool and kindergarten, depending on their skill set.

They will learn to label the outer parts of a pumpkin such as skin, ribs, stem, vine, and leaf. As well as inner partsthe seeds, pulp, and strands.

On top of that, they will practice drawing a pumpkin and even writing a short story!

label parts of a pumpkin worksheet

You will find seven printable worksheets in this set.

However, my favorite ones are the two worksheets where children get to label parts of a pumpkin.

I split them into two pages.

The first page includes only the outer parts of a pumpkin. Children will use their scissors and glue to cut and paste the labels correctly.

The second page is focused on the inner parts of a pumpkin.

Label the inner parts of a pumpkin worksheet

Pumpkin worksheets free

Here is a list of activities and skills that children will get to practice with these free pumpkin worksheets:

  • copy and draw the pumpkin
  • label the outer parts of a pumpkin
  • label the inner parts of a pumpkin
  • two pupkin outlines – draw the inner and outer parts yourself!
  • tracing pumpkins for younger children
  • tracing and writing the words pumpkin, seed, leaf, pulp, stem
  • pumpkin story – blank handwriting paper page to draw and write a few words or sentences

Because pumpkins come in various shapes and sizes, I included a page for children with different pumpkins to trace and color. Encourage them to use different colors when coloring such as green or yellow, too!

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Fall printables

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Parts of a pumpkin worksheets

Teachers and parents, feel free to use these parts of a pumpkin worksheets in school or at home with your children.

They are easy to download, print, and ready to go in minutes. Just make sure to have scissors, glue sticks, and crayons at hand.

To download, just go to the end of this article and find the pink download link.


Label the outer parts of a pumpkin worksheet
Writing pumpkin words worksheet

And please, remember, these free printable pumpkin worksheets are for personal and classroom use only. Thank you.

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