Number line addition and subtraction worksheets pdf

Free printable number line worksheets for your first graders!

Help your first graders better solve addition and subtraction to 20 problems with these number line worksheets!

This is a 10-page PDF you can use with your kids at home or with students in your classroom.

Make sure to also get my addition to 20 worksheets with pictures!

Number line addition and subtraction worksheets on a yellow background with purple text overlay

Adding and subtracting on a number line worksheets

A number line is a great tool that helps children to visualize how addition and subtraction works.

These particular worksheets include adding and taking away numbers within the first 20.

They are suitable for first-grade math lessons but also for advanced kindergarten students.

You will find a total of ten pages in this printable PDF. Half of them are addition problems and other half subtraction problems.

Children will use the number lines to solve the equations. For more number line designs, check out my latest number line to 20 worksheets too!

You can download this printable at the end of this post.


Number line addition and subtraction worksheets on a yellow background with purple text overlay

Number line worksheets 1st grade

And here you can have a look at that the worksheets look like:

Number line addition to 20 worksheet example
Number line addition worksheet
Number line subtraction worksheet example
Number line subtraction worksheet

And please remember, these number line worksheets are for personal and classroom use only. Thank you!

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