Missing number Worksheets First Grade

Grab these missing numbers worksheets and activities for your first graders here!

In grade 1, children learn to count, read and write numbers all the way to 120. Let’s give them enough practice and encouragement with this basic math skill.

Discover and download free printable missing numbers worksheets, games, and activities you can easily implement in the 1st grade classroom math centers or at home with your children.

Missing numbers 1 to 120

In kindergarten, your children most likely learned to count to 100.

In first grade, they extend this counting sequence to 120. On top of that, they learn to write the numbers as well (which wasn’t required in kindergarten).

So if you are looking for math worksheets for your grade 1 students, take a look at the free worksheets below. Pick and choose the ones you like best or which fit your current lesson plan. I will be adding more continuously.

Missing numbers worksheet example

Fill in the missing numbers worksheet

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Missing number worksheets free printable

And here are more missing number worksheets!