Shape Playdough Mats

Grab these free printable shape playdough mats and let your preschoolers build their own shapes with playdough!

Your children will enjoy learning about shapes with this hands-on activity and their favorite colors of playdough!

Plus, you can easily add these shape playdough mats to your preschool classroom or activity folder at home.

Just make sure to laminate them for multiple uses. Just download, print, and have easy activity ready for whenever you need it.

Read on and learn how to download these printable playdough mats below.

Shape playdough mats pictures on blue background

Free printable shape playdough mats

Have your little ones been learning about 2d shapes? Then you might like adding this simple fine motor activity to their weekly or even daily routine.

Not only will they learn about shapes, but kids will also work those hand muscles while rolling out pieces of colorful playdough.

Children can choose they favorite colors of playdough and make these basic 2d shapes: circle, triangle, square, oval, rectangle, rhombus, star and heart.

The activity is very simple and it goes like this:

First, children will make the shapes outlines with playdough. They will roll out small pieces into what my kids and I call “snakes” and connect them together to make the shape.

Then they can fill the smaller shapes with more playdough. And of course, children can even choose different colors of playdough within one mat to make things more interesting!

This will be a fun homeschooling activity as well as classroom centers activity when learning to recognize shapes in preschool.

Each playdough mat has the shape’s name written at the bottom as well as bunch of smaller sized shapes to color or trace.

Circle shape playdough mat with colorful playdough

Free Shape printables

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And if you want to download my shape playdough mats, simply scroll to the end of this article and download the PDF there.


Shape playdough mats PDF

Take a quick look at two of the pages included in this PDF.

Circle playdough mat
Rhombus playdough mat
Playdough mats with shape of circle and triangle with text overlay.

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