Christmas addition worksheets with gingerbread man

A look inside: Christmas addition worksheets for kindergarten!

I’ve fully dived into creating Christmas printables. It might seem a bit early for some, but the holiday season is really just around the corner.

Therefore, today, you’ll get to download a set of Christmas addition worksheets for your kindergarten students.

They will get to add up to 5 but also work on their fine motor skills. Because, as a bonus, I also made cut and paste addition worksheets!

And if you’d like your child to practice addition to 10, make sure to check out my Christmas tree addition and subtraction worksheets.

Adorable Christmas addition worksheets for kindergarten morning work or small groups. Gingerbread man worksheets you can use to teach adding to 5! Plus a fun cut and paste activities for improving fine motor skills as well. #addition #freeworksheets #christmas #kindergarten #math #gingerbreadman

Christmas addition worksheets for kindergarten

There are two sets of addition worksheets in this bundle.

The first set includes adding up to 5 worksheets. Children have to count the pictures, write the amount, and then add them together.

The second set contains cut and paste worksheets for adding up to 5 again. Your students will have to read the numbers then cut and paste gingerbread men accordingly.

The gingerbread man Christmas worksheets are suitable for kindergarten morning work, small groups, or over-the-weekend homework. Feel free to use them in your classroom or at home.

And if you happen to have advanced learners at home and would like them to practice numbers up to 20, then make sure to get my missing numbers Christmas worksheets to practice rote counting and writing numerals. 

To download this Christmas printable, just click on the link at the bottom of this post. Then save and print.


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Christmas addition cut and paste worksheets

Gingerbread man addition
Gingerbread man addition

These free printable Christmas worksheets are for classroom or personal use only. Any altering or redistribution is not allowed without written permission first. Thank you!

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