Worksheets and activities for teaching shapes to preschoolers

In today’s article: A long list of different worksheets and activities for teaching shapes to preschoolers!

Shapes are a lot of fun to learn about. After all, they are all around us!

And there are several different ways to teach shapes to toddlers and preschoolers. For the benefit of us all, I decided to put together a collection of the best and most creative articles and ideas about teaching shapes to young students.

You’ll find a ton of inspiring ideas on how to teach shapes including hands-on shapes activities, coloring and tracing sheets, real life shapes objects and more.

So let’s dive in!

Fun free printable shapes worksheets for preschool - cut and paste worksheets for preschool.

Basic shapes for preschool

Here is a list if simple basic shapes activities and printables for preschool. They include basic 2D shapes activities and are fun for the little ones to play with.

  • These cut and paste shapes pages are perfect for practicing fine skills as well. Use the basic shapes first before moving onto the complex ones. By Planes & Balloons
  • Bunny and carrots sorting printable. You need to scroll down on the page to get a free page for triangle and circle. This is a cute spring activity. By In My World
  • Building sticks shapes activity is a fun hands-on shape recognition practice. And very easy to set up! By Toddler At Play
  • This toddler shapes activity book is such a simple yet great idea suitable for preschoolers as well. Easy to print and set up for hours and hours of learning shapes! By Pastels And Macarons
  • Another fun hands-on activity is this sticker shapes toddler activity (again perfect for preschoolers as well). So easy to do, too! By Busy Toddler
  • This Feed the hungry shape monster is an exciting way to practice shapes. It needs a little prep work but afterward can be used for a while. By The Imagination Tree

Tracing shapes worksheets

Tracing is a good way to strengthen fine motor skills in children and build a solid foundation for writing. While tracing shapes, children not only practice their pre-writing skills but also learn basic shape facts.

  • By far one of the most popular articles on this site is my tracing shapes worksheets. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to do so now! By Planes & Balloons
  • Easter egg spin and trace shapes is a fun spring shapes activity for preschool or kindergarten. By 3Dinosaurs
  • These free printable Easter egg tracing sheets are designed with left-handed children in mind. By Planes & Balloons
  • I also like these free printable shape practice worksheets. Children can trace and color the shapes and then even practice writing the name (if desired). By Miniature Masterminds
  • Here is a great fine motor and shapes activity – cutting shapes worksheets. If your kids are working on their scissor skills (as most preschoolers are) these will be a lot of fun too! But you can easily use these simply for tracing as well. By Itsy Bitsy Fun
  • For a simple pre-writing activity try these tracing circles worksheets. By Planes & Balloons
  • To help kids with drawing and learning names of the shapes use these free shapes worksheets in your preschool shapes theme. By 123 Homeschool 4 Me
  • Trace and color five shapes is a one-page activity for quick and easy shape practice. By Education

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Preschool shapes activities

In this section I cover many different preschool shapes activities that are perfect for teaching shapes to preschoolers. From clip cards to matching games, they are all here.

  • Here are fun shape matching clip cards you can use with children as young as toddlers. But they will be a perfect addition to small groups in preschool as well. By Simple Fun for Kids
  • Cats with funny hats is a Dr. Seuss inspired printable bundle which includes basic and more advanced shapes. Laminate the pages or use them for cut and paste activity. By Planes & Balloons
  • For a fun summer activity download this Ice cream shapes matching game. Choose from 6 to 8 shapes version too. By Totschooling
  • Add extra fine motor practice with these free shape lacing cards for preschoolers. They will have a lot of fun while learning their shapes. By 3Dinosaurs
  • Preschoolers will enjoy playing with these 2D shapes puzzles. They include the shape name as well as matching real-life objects. By Simply Kinder
  • Here is a set of all the 2D shapes cards all in one place. Preschoolers can color or practice shape recognition depending on which option you choose. By Planes & Balloons
  • More learning shapes cards can be found in this free 2D & 3D shape cards bundle perfect for shape recognition activities. By This Reading Mama

Shapes play dough mats

Play dough is a great addition to many lessons in preschool. My kids can never get enough of playdough! You can easily add these free playdough mats to your preschool shapes theme for a fun learning experience.

Child playing with play dough
  • These free shapes playdough mats also contain images of real-life objects so children can better understand the connection between them. By 123 Homeschool 4 Me
  • Another fun set of shapes playdough mats that can be also used with bingo daubers. By Totschooling
  • These playdough mats are really simple and can be used in many other ways too. By Royal Balloo
  • Perfect for the spring season are these 2D shapes playdough mats. By Preschool Play and Learn
  • Another simple shapes playdough mats can be used year-round in your classroom or homeschool. By Free Homeschool Deals
  • You’ll find more fun and easy playdough mats for teaching shapes at the Living well mom blog. By Living Well Mom

I really hope you’ll find this long list of activities for teaching shapes to preschoolers useful. Make sure to bookmark or save this page for future reference.

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