Valentine’s day addition worksheets

Free printable worksheets to practice addition this Valentine’s day!

Valentine's day addition worksheets kindergarten

Here’s a fun way to practice adding to 5 and 10 with your kindergarten students. Children will enjoy coloring all the fun Valentine’s day pictures while learning to count and add.

Valentine’s day addition worksheets for kindergarten

You’ll find a total of four pages in this printable set.

First, children will practice adding up to five, then up to ten. They will have to solve the addition problems and color the hearts accordingly.

Then, they’ll count groups of pictures, add them together, and write the whole addition sentence.

This is a fun way to practice early math skills this February!

Valentine's day addition worksheets kindergarten

To download, simply go to the bottom of this post and get your pdf there.

Feel free to use these worksheets in your classroom or at home with your kindergarteners.


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Valentine's day addition worksheets free printable
Valentine's day addition activities kindergarten

Please, keep in mind that these free printable kindergarten activities are for classroom or personal use only. Any altering or redistribution is not allowed without written permission first. Thank you!

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  1. Thank you for these wonderful work sheets! My autistic 6 year old grandson is out of school for now, and it’s really upsetting his need for routine. I thought if we could keep up with his lessons it might make him feel better.

    It’s obvious you’ve put in a lot of work in these items. Thank you again!


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