Making 5 math worksheets

Free printable making 5 math worksheets for teaching different ways to make 5 in kindergarten!

If you are looking for an engaging way to teach decomposing the number 5, look no further.

Kids will enjoy using their dot markers or crayons while learning the different ways to make the number 5.

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Making 5 math worksheets for kindergarten

It is essential to use concrete, hands-on materials first when teaching addition in kindergarten. This will help children to develop an understanding of how to compose and decompose numbers in different ways.

Therefore using dot markers of different colors, pom-poms, counting bears, links, stickers, and other materials are all an option with my making 5 worksheets.

After a lot of practice, kindergarteners will be able to answer how many more to make 5, easily.

Ways to make 5 worksheet with dot markers

Ways to make 5 worksheetS

There is a total of five pages included in this set of kindergarten math worksheets.

Let your kids play around with the very first worksheet at first. They can color the dots however they want to make a total of 5. This will encourage them to think about how to make the sum in different ways.

The next few pages include addition problems with missing addends. By coloring the dots, children will easily find the missing number. So they will practice writing numbers and addition setences too!

Encourage your kids to try different colors or manipulatives when completing these worksheets, until they are confident with making number 5.

And the good news is, that you can simply print them as many times as you need to help your child learn how to put together a number 5.

making 5 math worksheets

Addition worksheets for kindergarten

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making 5 worksheet with dots to color and writing the equations
Making 5 worksheet with writing addition problems

Making 5 worksheet

It is easy to download and work with this making 5 worksheet printable set. You can try these with your advanced preschoolers if you want, but they are definitely a good fit for kindergarten students.

What you’ll need:

  • the printable Making 5 math worksheets (download below)
  • printer
  • paper
  • bingo daubers or markers for coloring
  • pencil for writing
  • stickers, plastic counters such as bears, links, cubes (optional)

Children can play around with the worksheets by using hands-on manipulatives such as counting cubes or simple building blocks. Then let them color the addition problems when they’re ready.

Make sure to keep the activity fun and playful. Ask them questions to understand their reasoning and point out similarities such as 4+1=5 but 1+4=5 also!

Feel free to use this teaching material in your classroom or at home. To download, just click on the download link under the pink banner.


Please, remember, that these free printable making 5 math worksheets are for personal or classroom use only. Any altering or redistribution is not allowed in any way. Thank you!