Spring count and color numbers 1-20

This is a great free printable for both, preschool and kindergarten students – count and color worksheets!

Your kids will enjoy practicing their numbers and counting with these spring math worksheets! These are easy to print and ready to go in minutes!

And find more number worksheets here on the main numbers and counting page!

Spring counting worksheets 1-20

Spring counting worksheets

There is a total of two pages in this spring worksheets pdf pack.

The first page includes numbers from 1 to 10. This one is suitable for preschoolers.

The second page is focused on numbers 11-20 and will be a good fit for kindergarten students and some preschoolers, too.

Children will count the pictures of butterflies, Easter baskets, or rainbows and then find the corresponding numbers.

The numbers are not in any particular order so kids will have to use their number recognition skills!

To download, just find the link at the bottom of this article and get your printable pdf there.


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Count and color spring worksheets

Spring counting worksheets 1-20
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Spring counting worksheets 1-20
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