Simple matching worksheets for preschoolers

In this article: Free printable simple matching worksheets for preschoolers!

Your preschoolers will enjoy these simple matching worksheets! They are great for strengthening visual discrimination as well as critical thinking in young children.

Simple matching pictures worksheets for preschoolers

You will find three different pages in this free printable preschool pdf all focused on the matching skills.

Children will practice their attention to detail as well as fine motor skills by drawing lines.

These preschool worksheets are quite simple but little ones will enjoy them as well as the feeling of accomplishment afterward!

The first page is your typical matching activity. Kids will need to find two pictures that are the same and connect them together.

The second page includes pictures cut in half. Children will have to discriminate which pieces belong together.

The third page has three-level matching. Children will need to expand their attention to three separate columns and find the matching pictures three times total.

I hope your little ones will enjoy these matching pictures worksheets!

To download, just go to the end of this article and you’ll find a link to the pdf there.

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matching pictures worksheets
matching pictures worksheets

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matching pictures worksheets

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  1. thank you so muchhhhh… its hepl me to teach my 3yo and 5yo kids since i cant put them back to school because of the condition now. once again thank you. may God bless you.. love

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