b and d confusion worksheets

Free printable b and d confusion worksheets for teaching the difference between the two.

If you have a child or a student who struggles with telling the difference between b and d, then these worksheets are just for you!

They will provide them with plenty of practice in a simple, fun way.

b and d confusion worksheets - three pages on yellow abckground

b and d worksheets PDF

The b and d reversal is quite common and normal in children first learning to read.

If you’d like to learn a simple technique on how to teach them to tell the difference, this one method seems to be quick and effective in most children.

And to provide them with extra practice without the stress of reading, try using my worksheets.

They include five pages total – two pages of letter b and d mazes, two pages of spot and dot letters, and one page of beginning letters with pictures.

Make sure to have a lot of patience, read with your child often, and provide them with plenty of opportunities to practice.

To download my printable b and d reversal worksheets, just scroll to the bottom of this page. You will find your PDF there.


ba nd d worksheets pdf - three pages on yellow background with purple text overlay

b and d reversal worksheets

Here are examples of what’s included in the PDF:

b and d reversal maze activity
Letter “b” maze
b and d confusion worksheet - spot and dot letters
Spot and dot letter “b”
b and d reversal - beginning letters worksheet
Color the beginning letter worksheet

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