Thankful Turkey Printable

Enjoy this fun and free thankful turkey printable together with your children or students this Thanksgiving!

Create a fun tradition with your children and students by making a Thanksgiving thankful turkey!

Not only will children strengthen their fine motor and scissor skills this Thanskgiving season, but they will also get to think of things they are thankful for.

And there’s more!

To make things more interesting, children can now choose any of the three templates – boy turkey, girl turkey, and neutral one, too.

I can’t wait to make these with my kids this upcoming November.

Printable thankful turkey templates on orange background with text overlay

Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey

We have never done this activity before so it’s an exciting new Thanskgiving tradition to start with my kids.

You can make these thankful turkeys with children as young as toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten students, first-graders, and beyond.

This Thanksgiving thankful turkey craft is very simple.

First, children will color and cut out the turkey and feathers. They can write their name in the middle of the picture, too.

And then comes the fun part.

Ask them, what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving and let them or help them write the answers.

The more things, people, places, and ideas they have, the more feathers the turkey ends up with!

Every year we are reminded to give thanks not only on Thanksgiving but throughout the year as well. And I think it’s a good point. But the holiday season is a good start, especially with smaller children.

Thankful turkey craft -  paper cut out turkey on wooden table with pencils

Thankful Turkey Printable

All you need to make this thankful turkey is a few items and some patience, especially with little ones.

Make sure you have at hand:

  • thankful turkey printabe template
  • cardstock paper for printing
  • colored pencils, crayons, or markers
  • safety scissors
  • black marker or pen for writing
  • glue or glue stick

The first step is to choose the turkey you want to make.

Then print several copies of the feather page to make sure you have enough feathers to write on. I included feathers with and without lines for easier writing.

Color and cut out the pieces.

Helpful hint: Feel free to skip the legs and simply cut along the turkey shape. It will look just as good and it’s way easier for little ones to cut!

The last step is to glue the pieces on the turkey’s back.

And that’s it! The cute thankful turkey is ready.

You may want to display your finished project in your home or your kids’ room. The thankful turkey will be a good conversation starter at the holiday dinner table for sure.

Thankful turkey printable - Pinterest image

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Thankful Turkey template

This thankful turkey template consists of five printable pages.

The first three pages include pictures of different turkeys. And the last two pages are full of feathers, with or without lines.

You will need to print multiple copies of the feather pages just to make sure you have enough pieces to write on.

You can take a peek at the turkey design below.

To download, just go to the end of this article. Then click on the “Download the Thankful turkey here” link.


Thankful turkey template - boy turkey with pilgrim hat
Thankful tuekry template - girl turkey with a bow on her head

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