Do A Dot Number Printables

Grab these free do a dot number printables to learn numbers 1 to 20!

Children will love learning their numbers 1-20 with these free dot marker printables. These worksheets will be a great add-on to your kindergarten math centers early in the school year or math lessons at home.

Even preschoolers will benefit from coloring the numbers with the bingo daubers while strengthening their fine motor skills and number recognition.

So simply grab these free dauber printables, print them, and learn in no time!

Do a dot number printables worksheets on dark background with text overlay

Free dot marker printables

Even if you don’t have bingo daubers or dot markers available, your children can still learn with these free worksheets.

Instead of the bingo dabbers, let them use stickers or crayons to color the numbers. Ours are currently falling apart from using them so much, so I surely have to get another set.

I like incorporating the dot markers into my worksheets because they make (almost) no mess and are easy to use. Check out my making patterns printable that uses the dot markers, too!

Number one do a dot worksheet
Number 1 dot marker worksheet

Dotted counting worksheets

Besides coloring the dotted numbers, children will work on other skills too.

Each page is filled with four tasks for your kindergarten kiddos to finish.

First, there is coloring or dabbing the large numbers. They can choose to color the number in one color or make it a work of art and use multiple colors!

Children will also work with ten frames and color them accordingly. They will practice writing the given number. And lastly, they will draw a specific amount of pictures to finish the worksheet.

So whether you are a teacher, a parent, or a homeschooling family, you will love using these do a dot number worksheets with your kids!

Dot marker number worksheets on wooden background with markers

Do a dot printables numbers

It is easy to download and use these dot marker printables.

All you need is:

  • the printable Do a dot number worksheets (download at the very end)
  • printer
  • paper
  • bingo daubers (can be replaced by stickers, regular markers, or crayons)
  • pencil for writing and drawing
Number 15 do a dot worksheet
Number 15 dot maker worksheet

Bingo dauber worksheets

There are multiple other dot marker printables you can find for free on Planes&Balloons! Just check them out below:

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Number dot marker worksheets on wooden table background with text overlay Image for Pinterest

Dot marker printables numbers

You can download these do a dot number worksheets below the pink Planes&Balloons banner.

Just click the link, open the PDF, and save or print right away.

They are super fun to use and your kids might want to do a few at a time (like mine did)!

You may use these free number worksheets in your classroom, homeschool, as extra work for your kids, during kindergarten math centers, and summer school.