Do a dot pre-primer sight words

Free printable pre-primer sight words worksheets for early readers!

Your children will enjoy learning their first sight words with these do marker worksheets!

They will learn and practice the first 40 sight words from the Dolch list suitable for preschool and kindergarten students.

Pre-primer sight words worksheets pdf

These sight words worksheets will engage your child with a fun sight word hunt. They will have to spot and dot (or color in case you don’t have dot markers at hand) the sight words with the correct color.

Children will practice their first sight words such as can, we, go, one, two, three, and more!

Once they master their first words, they will gain confidence and eagerness to learn to read more.

Bingo dabbers are really popular in our house and my kids love any activity that includes making dots. So I hope yours will too!

And for more pre-primer sight words worksheets, make sure to check out my sight words matching activity.

This printable pdf includes seven pages and you can download them at the end of this article.

Have fun!

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Free pre-k Dolch sight words worksheets PDF

Pre primer sight words worksheets
Pre primer sight words worksheets

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  1. hi ms kristina, i can’t say thank you enough for this FREE PRINTABLE WORKSHEET . we all know that now a days it’s hard to find a free printable worksheet im just so happy that i found your’re an amazing person . every single content of this worksheets are amazing . i could imagine the effort, patience, dedication ,passion and love that you put on this . May God continue to bless you and your family . i so love this stuffs . this is very usefull for my lo. Godbless and keep safe

  2. Hi Ms. Kristina,
    Your worksheets and website content has been so useful for my preschooler. As he will be staying home coming school year, we would be using these more than any other times. Thank you so much for your effort, creativity and generosity in putting this together and offering us to use them for free. God bless you and your family! Stay safe and healthy!

  3. Thank you, I am glad I can help! My kids will be staying home too this upcoming school year, so I know how hard it is for all parents. Stay safe and all the best to you.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing, I’m currently in the process of creating worksheets for my students. Can you share with me the font that was used to create these?

  5. My son loves these pre-primer sight word dot sheets. I see you have a first grade sight word dot sheet set, but I don’t see one for the Kinder sight words. Would you be able to help me navigate to where it is on the site? Or will you please consider creating the Kinder sight word for sheet set? They are really helpful reinforcement. Thanks!

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