Free Addition To 20 Clip Cards

Fun free printable addition clip cards to practice addition to 20 with your first graders!

These addition to 20 clip cards will come in handy in any kindergarten and first grade classroom. Add them to your math toolbox for small groups, math centers, or early finishers.

Children will enjoy playing with the clip cards while learning to add all the way to 20. And they can use the attached number line to help them solve each addition problem!

Math Clip Cards

You will find 111 clip cards to print and use with your students or children. The math clip cards include one-digit addition to 20 and adding numbers to teen numbers all the way to 20. You will also find addition problems with adding zeros to numbers.

I recommend printing these addition clip cards on cardstock paper so they can last for a while. Or you can also laminate them before cutting them into cards.

I am super excited to use these with my own first graders and watch their addition skills grow!

Addition clip cards

Printable clip cards

These addition clip cards are a simple yet fun way to practice addition to 20 in kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, or your special education classroom.

To help children succeed, there is a small number line attached to each clip card. Children can use it at first, and once they learn their addition facts, they might skip it altogether. Let them use tiny clothespins or clips to show you the answers.

What you’ll need:

  • the printable Addition to 20 clipcards (download at the very end)
  • color printer
  • paper (cardstock recommended)
  • laminator (optional)
  • scissor to cut the cards out
  • tiny clothespins or clips
Addition to 20 clip cards

Addition to 20 worksheets

For more addition worksheets for your first graders, just check out some of these:

Printable clip cards

There are a few more fun clip cards you can check out here:

Addition clip cards with fish clipart
Addition clip cards

Free math clip cards

You may download the printable pdf with the addition to 20 clip cards here. Just click on the link under the pink Planes&Balloons banner and save or print the PDF right away.

I hope your children will enjoy learning with these clip cards!


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