Ready to go exercises for preschool cutting practice

Inside: Free printable worksheets for preschool cutting practice.

preschool cutting practice

Scissors skills start to develop during the preschool age and continue to improve all the way to elementary school.

It can be quite difficult for young preschoolers to properly hold and operate scissors, so patience and plenty of opportunities for practice are the keys to success.

For all of you who would like to give your little ones a chance to cut along specific lines and curves, I’ve made these simple preschool cutting practice sheets.

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Preschool cutting practice ideas

There are many different ways for preschoolers to practice cutting skills. And they are really easy to do.

At the very beginning, using old magazine pages works great. Children can simply snip and cut small pieces to get a better, more solid hold of their scissors.

To make it even more fun, add a little bit of glue on their tray and let them create a colorful mosaic.

Another good way to practice scissor skills is to let children cut bits and pieces of play dough. They will have lots of fun doing that!

I also love the idea of creating a cutting busy box, just like a mom on this blog.

And of course, there are also my cutting skills worksheets you can download in order to save yourself some time.

They are easy to print and ready to go in seconds.

preschool cutting practice

Children’s scissors and training tools

I actually remember the times I was learning to use scissors. And the awful dull scissors I was given to practice with.

They would never cut anything well and I would end up embarrassed and frustrated doing my crafts at school.

It really must have been a disaster since I’ve kept this memory for so long!

So please, I beg you, for the sake of your own child’s childhood memories, invest in high-quality training scissors. She will thank you many years later!

Free cutting exercises download

To download my free worksheets, simply click on the download link at the very end. If you wish to make them more fun, simply print them on a colored construction paper. You can even add some cute stickers to the end of the lines.


preschool cutting practice

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