Addition preschool worksheets

Now teach basic addition skills with these fun and free addition preschool worksheets!

If you would like to start teaching the concept of addition to your advanced preschoolers, then grab these simple worksheets right away.

They include addition to five and addition to ten worksheets with pictures, so preschoolers can easily relate and count. This will help them grasp the concept of addition as putting objects together.

Addition worksheets on purple background

Preschool addition worksheets

Somehow it became a habit for my kids to randomly ask me questions like “What is two plus two?” or “What is one hundred plus one hundred?” at the dinner table. I am not sure where they got it from but their curiosity always amazes me.

Because they have shown enough interest in the subject, I thought it might be a good idea to introduce basic addition to them.

And now you can too!

First, you might want to use physical objects such as toys or blocks to help your kids grasp the idea of adding things together. Then you can move on to worksheets with pictures.

Addition for Preschoolers Worksheets

You will find ten pre-k addition worksheets in this bundle.

Five of them are focused solely on addition to 5 and the rest are addition to 10 worksheets.

These are by no means the only addition worksheets on this page, but they are simple and basic to use with preschoolers.

Free addition worksheets

For more simple addition worksheets, make sure to check out these:

Snowman addition to 10 worksheets – use snowballs to help you add numbers up to 10

Easter egg addition to 10 – color some Easter eggs while adding the numbers

Gingerbread addition worksheets – add gingerbread cookies up to 5 with these holiday worksheets

Apple addition and subtraction worksheets – lots of math worksheets in this one bundle

Valentine’s day addition to 5 and 10 – color cute hearts while learning how to add numbers

Now let’s take a look at the preschool addition worksheets included in this bundle:

Feel free to use these worksheets with your preschoolers at home or in the classroom.

Find the full PDF download at the end of this article.


Addition worksheets on purple background with pink text overlay

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